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[ Rainy days are meant for staying indoors and reading in Sandy's mind. A worn copy of Treasure Island in hand, Sandy can be found in the hangar, sitting sideways in Sognare, his legs sticking out the side like a teenager. The days have been so long lately, it almost feels like tortoises move faster. But that's alright.

More time for books this way.

Now would be an ideal time to get help, but Sandy wonders if it would be strictly worth it; should the rain start while a camper is up here, the walk down would be cold and miserable. Or, if it got too bad, they'd be stuck up here with him. He turns a page. No one's showed up yet so maybe no one will.

Now, back to the adventure. ]
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JUNE 2013
FRIDAY the 14th
67 °F
60 °F
Overcast, and slightly breezy. The clouds signal rain on the horizon.
[ The bugle sounds off a little earlier than normal, though not by much. Over the intercom comes Ford's voice today, drawling on cheerfully. ]

Mornin', cadets and agents! Looks like we're expectin' some rainy weather, so you best get your butts up early so you can get your lessons done in advance! I don't want any mud being trudged into the lodge, y'hear?
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It's been a whole year, Sharpshooters.

[Bunny turns off the lights, turning on a flashlight he's snagged.

It's a tradition at every summer camp to tell scary stories, and Whispering Rock is no different. But the Sharpshooters have their own game of it- if they can tell each other the scariest ones, then they'll have perfect ammo to tease the younger kids at campfire.

Hey, it's all in good fun- and the Sharpshooters love, well. Being mean to eachother this way. It's cabin bonding, okay.]

Last one down has to start, and no, not it.
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Attn: Parishioners of the Modest Church of Glob

Next meeting will be held on the full moon along the creek under the one tree.
Not that one, the other one.
Bring sea salt and fine tooth combs.

The bulletin post is unsigned but definitely... the work of one of those kids.
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yo guys

ive been meanin to ask

what're things like for you guys back home? Ive never been to camp before, but a lotta you guys seem to treat this camp like its home an junk in the first place, since you've been comin here for so long.

its pretty rad here. i hope ill be able to do that too
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so what do you guys think of horror movies? i've got an HDMI cable and everything from 28 days later to zombieland on my otherwise useless laptop.

thinking about maybe commandeering the lounge on friday or saturday night for a marathon. 
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[It's a very nice day out at camp. There's not a cloud in the sky, and Fiametta finally had no classes and about two hours to kill after lunch. She'd just finished up her hot dog and was ready to head back to the cabin when - surprise, surprise - Dad called.

Seriously, camp was the only time she got to get away from him. She was nice to him, yeah, but he really needed to stop being so overprotective. It was getting really old, and pretty frustrating, to be perfectly honest.

Fi's decided to blow off some steam by going to lay out in the sun by Lake Oblongata. She's got a towel to lay on and a bathing suit and sunglasses for optimal tanning. Feel free to stop by and help her take the edge off!]
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JUNE 2013
THURSDAY the 13th
LOW 60°F
Sunny, cloudless day.
[ Getting used to that 5 AM reveille yet? Too bad! Get up and go to your classes, campers--there are no special announcements, today. ]
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[Out in the parking lot, Gladys steps out of a white van. It's a pretty dreary day, and her obvious prosthetic, with its cranial-orbital attachment, glows yellow in the dim morning haze. Well. Here she was, another delightful summer in a bug-filled cabin.

Her first summer back.

She could hardly wait.

Fortunately--or unfortunately, depending on one's interpretation of the word--she was also very early.

After dropping her bags off in the Astral Snakes cabin, she made her way to the lodge, where she can be found eating a utilitarian breakfast of coffee, scrambled eggs, and toast.
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JUNE 2013
Wednesday the 12th
LOW 65°F
Cloudy and overcast. Looks a lot like it might rain, though it doesn't.
[ The usual morning Reveille is played, but afterwards there is no following announcements. The sounds of Coach Oleander sleeping on his transmitter can be heard through out the day. ]
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[There's a fine art to staying in tip-top ninja shape, and while he tends to do some late nights, Bro still makes a point of getting up early to do drills before it gets too hot. Which is actually less of a problem at the camp than it is back in Texas, to be honest, but the point is it's a habit. And that's why he's up at 6 in the morning, running a circuit around the camp's paths.


Which says a lot about the fact that he's not going invisible for once.

(He's kind of vain.)]
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[It starts off with darkness and the muffled, static-covered audio as Lizzie fumbles with the web camera. Suddenly the video flashes on with a blurry view of Lizzie's torso as she adjusts everything.]

Has anyone ever even used this thing...? Ugh, this would be so much easier if I could use my own stuff...

[As the video comes into full focus, Lizzie takes her seat in front of the screen, smiling.]

All right, much better. Just in case there are some new campers who find this, my name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is my video blog.

So, since I have have spent the past god knows how many summers complaining about the lack of wifi, I've finally decided to cave and use the camp computers. So for the next three months, I'll be using this as a sounding board, for anything from ranting about my inability to get badges, to certain obnoxious camp residents, and if you have to ask who those people are, that might be a bad sign. Still, if there's anything you'd like to see on my...vlog I guess? Just drop me a line. All right, Lizzie B., signing off!

...I need to figure out a better way to close these things.

[The video ends.]
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[ Rapunzel was wandering around the camp, having finally found the area with the lodgings after being dropped off by the Airport Shuttle. She was late, of course, but the tiny, local Pennsylvania airport only made flights out this way twice a week, and Rapunzel got horribly lost while on a layover in Houston and missed that flight, so it was really just a mess. But she was finally here!

She made a little yelp and stopped when her hair got caught on a particularly large stick. ]

I need one of those elastic hair things. Wish I'd thought of that before I came.

[ She chewed her bottom lip. That would have to be fixed later, right now she needed to set her bags down and get Pascal settled. He was not enjoying all of the moving around. Her nose was nearly touching her map of the camp she'd been mailed. It was positioned awkwardly on the aquarium, since Pascal took two hands to carry. ]

Pascal, you are so heavy! Gosh, there should be a picture of a turtle or something, all these cabins look the same... Where is mine?
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[Around 8am this message finds its way to the forum.]

Morning, campers!
Marksmanship Jr. Counsellor Bunny reporting that we will be having a marksmanship demonstration after lunch today vaguely within the hours of 1-2 depending!

So if you've ever wished to see Jake English get a marksmanship schooling you'll head over and maybe also get some insight on whether or not you'll be working for your own marksmanship badge this year.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask Agent Sasha Nein or myself.
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[Posted at around 5am. Anyone in the Haunted Lungfish cabin feel free to wake up because of Dave's shuffling around several hours earlier]

that was one hell of a cheese dream
thats it
no more dairy products after 7pm
i hope someones making a note of this

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Precognition classes will begin today. Please be in my lab no later than noon.

If you have any questions before then, feel free to reply. Otherwise, that is all.
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[After Basic Braining's over and done with, you might see the lone member this summer of the female Invulnerable Turtles cabin walking out of her cabin, bulky gloves on her hands. She's carrying her purse on the way to lunch, and she looks pissed off.

Fiametta's two whole days late to camp - thanks, Dad, and she's missed the first activity, too. She really needed Basic Braining. The training there is the first she's had all year, since she doesn't really practice her psychic skills at home - her dad won't let her leave the house to do anything, after all.

She's hoping she can get to lunch without something stupid happening on the way there, though.]
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[Those about might catch sight of a rather distinctive-looking stranger around the camp in the hours after Basic Braining. Definitely on the old side, and not matching the description of any Psychonaut anyone would have heard of. Do some subtle telepathic reading and it won't take much to realize that he is in fact not psychic at all.

But rest assured, he's approved. And he's accordingly attempting to get himself comfortable for the summer.

You'll notice him around the cabins first, holding or moving or hauling an easel, paintbrushes, buckets of paint, canvases, yards of black velvet in and out of the guest cabin, or pausing to picking out the best outdoor spots for an easel early. After that he'll take a steady, quiet stroll around the camp, taking everything in - the buildings, the trees, the birds, making note of what's on the bulletin boards...

By the time the sun just starts to set, you'll see him stopped at the edge of the lake staring contemplatively across.

And you can approach him anywhere - just 'cause you're not mistaken if you wonder if he could snap you like a twig with those arms if he wanted to doesn't mean he would. He is having an acceptable and peaceful time getting himself situated in the camp left on his own, but he'll still be glad to introduce himself to you if you ask.]
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JUNE 2013
---MONDAY the 10TH
69 °F
50 °F
Clear and sunny, not a cloud in the sky.
[Hope you enjoyed that day off campers because the bugle is blaring loud and clear the next morning. The voice that speaks is most definitely not Ford.]

I hope you little girls enjoyed your day off, because you're all going to make up for it with twice the work today. Get up out of bed and report to my lab at oh-six-hundred! Don't be late unless you want to be in for it, cadets! This isn't going to be your grandmother's summer camp, leave your sissy crying at home!

(Basic Braining will be going up a little later today!)